Jane Mitchell
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Weiran Chen, Mary Warren, Jane Mitchell, and Hanyu Zhao. Created as a part of a Panasonic and Parsons collaborative studio. 


Research, Prototyping, Concept Development, Branding, Visual Design, Product Design




REBEAT is a healthcare wearable focused on creating a sense of empowerment and control in relation to hypertension. It is a network consisting of a wearable device, customizable bands, a charging unit, and an application.

Appropriate treatment of hypertension can significantly minimize future cardiovascular complications and decrease the number of related deaths. There are several factors that contribute to hypertension, such as age, genetics, and inactivity. REBEAT focuses on lifestyle choices that will allow users to take back control of their health. 


One common obstacle to the diagnosis of hypertension is the instantaneous increases in blood pressure in certain situations such as a visit to the doctor or during important presentations. But in the case of hypertension, it is more valuable to look at fluctuations over time. REBEAT creates a hypertension diary that paints a bigger picture of the user’s cardiovascular health by providing an opportunity for non-disruptive 24-hour blood pressure monitoring.